8 NOV 14

The day every girl dreams of… Her wedding day.
Being the girl who makes a list to make lists, you can say I had my wedding planned the day we got engaged. No. Really. I did. We had a short engagement of 5 months. Truth is, I would have married Mr Winniedot the day he popped the question but I am glad we had all the bells and whistles too.

Today marks 1 year married to my best friend, my soul mate. Corny, yes. But if someone told me when I was 3 years old that I had already met the boy I was going to marry, I would have never believed them. You see, Mr Winniedot and I grew up together, lived in the same street and was my childhood crush. Don’t worry, somedays I still can't believe it myself.

Mr Winniedot and I met in 1994. I had recently been toilet trained and he had joined the under 10's soccer team.... It's was love at first site. (Well for me anyway) I have a fond memory of chasing him around the playground trying to catch my first kiss... He played hard to get.

Our parents are best friends and we grew up camping and in the outdoors. We wanted our wedding to replicate our upbringing and where it all began. We wanted a relaxed environment sitting out under the stars, just like we did when we were younger. As we only had 70 of our closest loved ones, everyone knew everyone, so having a seating plan felt unnatural. Instead we had wooden trestle tables, cable drums, and hay bales where everyone could sit where they pleased. I wanted to keep everything quite raw and natural by using exposed timbers, fresh rosemary from my grandpa’s garden, and lots of foliage. I wanted to stay away from flowers and stick with something more simple, “less is more” approach. This is why I chose olive branch for our bouquets and head pieces.

I still get butterflies thinking about that moment my dad started to walk me down the aisle. The music started and my knees began to shake. I just wanted to run, not away, but to him. I remember my dad whispering to me "Just breathe. Take it all in. You will only ever do this walk once."
That walk holds a very special place in my heart. My dad, the man who had my heart first and who taught me about love. He may have "gave me away" that day but I will forever be his baby girl.

I walked down the aisle to a cover of “Latch” by Natalie Taylor. I will never forget the look on Mr Winniedot's face.
“My Vows”
Ever since we were little, you’ve made my heart beat faster and my tummy flutter.
I fell in love with your heart, your soul and that smile. The way you love your family and the love you already have for mine. Not only have we found love but we found trust, compassion and a deep friendship.
I vow that I’ll love you even when you leave all the kitchen cupboards open or have a floor-drobe, not only will I forever be your little spoon but your big spoon too, I promise not to get cranky at you for everything, when I'm only really cranky at you for one thing, and I will try my hardest to always communicate with you and to remember you aren't a mind reader.
I feel so honoured to be standing here with you today, starting this next chapter of our lives together. From growing up with each other to one day starting a family of our own. I promise to be a roll model for our children and a nurturing mother, but I vow to never stop being your wife.
On top of all the other vows that I will make to you today, I also vow to always appreciate how lucky I am to have someone who makes me feel the way you do and to continue to try as hard as I can to make you feel as special as you make me feel. And most importantly, I vow to never stop loving you… and to continuing to fall more in love with you, as each day passes
I promise to love you unconditionally and effortlessly, today, tomorrow and for always.
I took it in my stide to do a lot of the finer detail myself with DIY projects. As the venue we chose was a blank canvas of 4 aches of stunning landscape, the whole wedding was very hands on. From the styling, invitations, the signs, wedding favours, guest book, even down to our wedding cake which my sister in-law made and we assemble the morning of the wedding. I wanted to make sure that everything about the day resembled ‘us’.
Speaking of cake… Little miss "I'm so organised" wasn't so organised. I totally forgot a knife to cut the cake and lets just say we improvised.

Mr Winniedot and I are were both blessed to be raised by 2 sets of amazing parents with very similar family morals and respect. They are role models not only to us and their families, but to a lot of people who know them. We have grown up watching the way they love each other unconditionally and we both knew we wouldn't settle for anything less than perfect. They taught us to never stop dating, to respect one another by listening, and to never go to sleep on an argument but to agree to disagree.
My goal when planning our wedding was to avoid becoming the dreaded "Bridezilla" that we all have in us, lets face it. Planning any big event can be stressful but I never wanted to loose sight of why we were planning this extravigent event in the first place. Mr Winniedot and I knew that no matter what the day threw at us - rain, hail or shine, we were going to have the most incredible day.

"My Wedding Speech"
Our life is spontaneous and fast paced yet I have never felt so secure and calm then when I'm with you. I know I am not the most patient person but I promise to give our love the patience it deserves. I love us and the way that we live our lives with endless laughter and silliness. You understand me and have embraced my dorkiness. Not only will we be dancin' around the house together, but through life.
I have always had goals, aspirations, things I've wanted to do. But ever since being with you, I realised you are my greatest adventure. I love you mucher's and plenties and lots's. 
You are my forever!
"Mr Winniedot Speech"
Georg, to stand here with you as your husband is the biggest honour I could imagine. You are my greatest achievement, my greatest joy, my everything. 
I feel like I have loved you forever, though everyday I still love you more than the last. Your dorkiness and endless dancing brighten my day, even watching you sleep makes me happy.     

(Even if you sleep with one eye open, snoring away, blissfully unaware..).
Some of you may find that a little weird, but to me it’s just another part of you I find adorable..I love that you make me a better person, but I think you need to come to terms with the fact that i will always leave cupboard doors open, and that I don’t only think a floordrobe is an easier way to store clothes, but it is actually a necessary part of any functional household..
Georg, you are my Joben, my city-slicker, my pistol pete.. You are my complete package. 

My favourite moment of the day, besides becoming husband and wife of course, was just after the speeches had been made, Mr Winniedot and I snuck away to take in what we had achieved in such a short amount of time. We stood back to look at our most cherished people all in the one place, having so much fun celebrating ‘us’ and how perfect the day was. I remember thinking “I will never forget this moment” as I shed a tear, and even thinking about it now makes me well up.
As some of you may already know, I was just over 10 weeks pregnant with our gorgeous Winslow Dorothy on our wedding day. We chose to keep it a secret from most our family and friends as we wanted our day to still be about us and not "does she have a bump?" It made our day that little bit more special knowing we were growing a tiny human. As much as we tried not to let our secret slip, looking back on our photos it is so obvious we had a bun in the oven. We were in our own little world while having our first dance and Mr Winniedot couldn't keep his hands off our bundle of joy. 

Our first dance was to the cover of The Proclaimers
 "500 Miles" by Sleep At Last 
When I was a little girl, my dad and I use to dance around doing our "hoping on one foot" signature dance move and singing this song at the top of our lungs. Despite the crazy behaviour, the words to this song were the way I left about my dad. He looked after me, he had my best interests at heart with everything that he did, he went to work every day to give me the best upbringing and he loved me unconditionally. It wasn't until I met Mr Winniedot that a man had me feel all those things my father did - safe, secure, protected, loved, someone who would do absolutely anything for me and that was when I knew he was the one I wanted to spend my life with. Dancing to this song to me meant that I was ready to rely on Mr Winniedot to do all those things my dad did for me. It really was such a magical moment.
For those of you planning a wedding, my advice would be:
Enjoy it! Every little bit of it. If something doesn't go your way, don’t stress over it, just leave it and choose something else that does work. Involve your fiance, even if you know exactly what you want and make sure you remember why you are planning this event in the first place. Make a decision and stick with it! No point having sleepless nights over ‘should the cake be white or ivory?’. Be organised. If that word does not fit into your world then buy a wedding planner and start ticking those list off as quick as you can. The less you procrastinate the more time you have to enjoy the little things leading up to the big day.

Photographer: Janneke Storm
Videographer: BXCSMXTH
To view our wedding video CLICK HERE and be sure to watch to the very end ;)


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    A very, very sweet story and a fun day captured beautifully. Congratulations

  • Tarissa

    This is beautiful, and so are you! Loved reading this, and the video made me tear up – A match made in heaven! ?

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