A Letter To My Husband

Dearest Husband,

2 years ago I walked down the aisle towards you and I remember thinking in that very moment that this was the best day of my life. Now do not get me wrong, that day holds such a special place in my heart because even though we had known each other for 20 years, it was the first day of our forever. But today, 2 years later, sitting here showing our daughter our wedding photos while rubbing the small pitter-patters in my belly, I cannot help but feel this moment, this very simple moment, is one of the best moments I have lived. 

However, when entering parenthood we were innocently unaware of what that would mean and how this chapter of our lives would change us...

I vowed to you on our wedding day that I would be a nurturing mother, but would never stop being your wife. 2 years on and 1 and half babies later, I must admit by the end of the day you often get the worst of me. You get the worn-out, unfiltered version of myself. The too exhausted and the too stressed but you understand that I gave the best part of me to them all day, so for that I want to say thank you.

Thank you for not fighting back with me when I say mean things to you because its late and I am overwhelmingly tired. Thank you for 5 minutes later being able to make us laugh and giggle until my cheeks hurts as we lay together in bed being silly buggers. And thank you for getting I didn't mean any of that mean stuff, I'm just one exhausted mama and for whatever reason I take it out on you, the one I love most.

Thank you for loving me when I'm ugly and not put together. When I take my make up off, put my granny undies on and you don't notice that my hair has been in the same top knot for 2 days (well at least you don't say you notice). I love that you somehow make me feel sexy even when I am most definitely not.

Thank you for overlooking my flaws when at times I'm quick to point out yours. None of us are perfect but you sure have a way to make me feel like I am. Thank you for rolling with my emotions - the happy, the sad and the down right crazy. I know it isn't easy dealing with my over tired, pregnant, hormonal self.

Thank you for holding us together. For not only kissing their boo-boo's and bumped heads but for kissing me even when I don't deserve one or show you enough affection. 

Thank you for being so interested in my hobbies, passions and work. For getting excited with me and encouraging me to pursue my dreams when sometimes I fall asleep before we can even talk about yours. Thank you for understanding I am not being selfish and know that I want all the things you dream of too. 

Like most marriages, I have become very comfortable and secure with you and I love that, but I am also aware that in becoming so comfortable it can quite easily feel like I am taking you for granted. Taking us for granted. This is something I never want to do or ever make you feel!

I don't want you to just get my ugly, my mean, and my worn-out. I want to give you my pretty, my kind, my very, very best. So today, on our second wedding anniversary, I vow to you that I will point out your amazing qualities more than any small negatives, to tell you I love you more often and not just expect that you know how much I do, and to make sure you know that your presence in our home and in my heart is absolutely everything to me.

So although our FIFO lifestyle doesn't allow us to celebrate today together, you have given me the best gift one could ever give. Them. Our children. Our 2 outer heart beats. And despite the fact they make me tired, time-poor and at times the worst version of myself, if there is one thing I hope for our children is that one day they find someone as incredible as you - someone to make them feel all the things you make me feel and someone they can walk through this crazy adventure that we call life.

Happy wedding anniversary, my forever.
I love you muchers, and plenties and lots's.

Your Wife xx

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  • Emma

    Love this. So many of us can relate and like you I am so thankful for my amazing man. Xxx

  • Melanie

    By line 5 I was in tears, everything you wrote is how I feel. It’s hard trying to be the best Mum, best wife, best looking, best cook, exercising, working, looking after a toddler, life has been incredibly overwhelming so thank you for your perspective. Life is a juggle, it’s up and down but I absolutely love it at the same time. I’m exhausted everyday and I feel like my poor husband gets the leftovers too but thank goodness for their love!

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