BEAUTY PRODUCTS for time poor mamas

BEAUTY PRODUCTS for time poor mamas

So some of you may know, I am mum of 2, Winslow 2yrs, Pascal 1yr and I am also the founder of Winnie Dot. With 2 children, running a business and not to mention a FIFO husband, it is safe to say I AM TIME POOR! 

If you have been following along my insta-story journey you'd know I have taken it upon myself to find time to invest into myself in order to feel/be the best version of "me" and in return be the best mama AND wife I can be! #HOUROFPOWDER

Investing half an hour to an hour into yourself at the start of your day can really have a huge impact on how the rest of your day pans out. I use to wake to my children screaming out "MAMAAAAAAA", rolling out of bed and catapulting into the craziness of motherhood. My coffees were cold, my hair a mess and I felt an overwhelming "why bother?" about myself. 

This feeling was not only effecting me, but my marriage, my children AND my work. It was then I knew I needed to make a change, insert HOUR OF POWER! 

Every morning I get up before my babes, do my beauty routine and enjoy a HOT cup of coffee (in peace and quiet). Here are my beauty products that I love and have been using for years.

I am no expert at make up but have found these products are the perfect everyday go-to items. You can apply a small amount for a natural look or a thicker coverage for a more GLAM look. Either way, they are light weight and don't leave you feeling oily or sticky.

BB Cream - Models Prefer (ALL-IN-ONE Healthy Glow)
I mix the light and medium colour to match my skin tone.

Powder - Thin Lizzy (6 in 1 Professional Powder)
I use the light colour

Mascara - Rimmel London (Extreme Black VOLUME COLOURIST)
Great because it has a tint in it which gradually makes your lashes darker

Lipstick - Stila 
I got the LIMITED EDITION trio pack

I have fine hair that is naturally straight. Some would say this is a blessing, however it looks very flat and "BLAH" if I don't do anything with it. I find that if I curl my hair, I will get 3 days out of it when using a dry shampoo. WINNING!! 

Shampoo - NOOK (The Service Color)
This shampoo if for blonde heads only. However I highly recommend this brand.

Conditioner/Mask - NOOK (Filler Mask)
Light weight but moisturising. Doesn't weigh your hair down.

Dry Shampoo - (KLORANE)
I use the one with a natural tint which is great for those who have a natural regrowth/roots.

I use a curling wand I picked up from Kmart for $19!! BARGIN 

Now, it is no secret... I AM A TANNER. One, I simply do not have time to sun bake and two, with all the information out there about sun damage I choose not to. In saying that, the chemicals in fake tan can be questionable and I was wanting something more natural. Eco Tan is great because it give you a "healthy glow" look rather than a oompa-loompa look. I also love the Face Tan water for the fact it doesn't clog your pores and leave you feeling congested. 

Click here to SHOP ECOTAN

My top tips for busy mums would be investing in beauty products/services that has long longevity effects rather than a quick fix. 

1. Once a month skin treatment (micro needling, LED light therapy) and a good skincare range. Although this may take time, you will find your skin will be glowing and you'll look and feel better. PLUS you'll be thank yourself in 10+ years time.
I recommend Sunshine Coast, QLD: Brazilian Beauty, Currimundi

2. Feather touch eyebrow tattooing. It is amazing how eyebrows can have such a massive impact on your face and I wish I got mine done sooner.
I recommend Sunshine Coast, QLD: The Cosmetic Tattoo Studio

3. Eyenvy eye lash serum. I use to get eye lash extensions but after having babies I couldn't justify the time, cost and maintenance. I started Eyenvy in March 2017 and It has been the best product EVER! It turned my fair, short, straight lashes into long, lush, curly lashes.
For more information and to buy this product: Jaimi @hairbyjaimisukjai

So there you have it, my fellow mamas, soon-to-be-mamas and one-day-mamas. Investing time into yourself does not make you selfish, looking good doesn't make you vain, just remember that in order to be the best mama, you have to be the best version of YOU.

Georg xx