Christmas 2017

Is it just me or is Christmas more exciting once you become a parent? I use to love Christmas growing up but since having our own little loves, my excitement has hit a new level (as has my husband, Dan's).

We both have beautiful, fond memories of our childhood Christmas, in fact our families would celebrate them together most years so for us it is important to continue our childhood traditions, while also creating new ones of our own.

2017 is the first year Winslow is old enough to be involved and can actually help! Each year we plan to film a little home video of us putting up our Christmas tree and to watch our family grow - we will continue to use the same decorations (while adding some pieces each year) so that in the many years to come, each decoration will hold sentimental value.

We danced around, sang carols at the top of our lungs and cooked a beautiful roast dinner. Sipping on a wine, we sat around the tree and just stared at the twinkling lights. A heavy height of gratefulness weighed on my heart and I thought "Christmas really is such a magical time of year."

The Woulfe Christmas 2017 from Mrs Winnie Dot on Vimeo.