House Renovations - Before & After

My husband and I purchased this house in 2014. We were newly engaged and starting a family was in our near future. When buying this house, we did it with the intent of it being our forever home - somewhere we would raise our family, make life long memories and grow old together. 

Now with the heaviness of the word "forever" weighing on our shoulders, we felt pressure when choosing our final fittings. If you have ever built/or renovated before you will understand how hard it is to choose your fittings off a tiny sample or picture. How am I supposed to choose tiles etc when I haven't even see the space yet? We decided that we would choose basic, function fixtures for the time being with the plan to change them once we had lived in the space for a year or so.

This was the same with furniture. We sold everything and are slowing adding our forever pieces as we find them. We live in our house complete differently to what I thought we would, so I am very glad that we waited.

So please understand our house is still a work in progress. We have plenty more to do and things we want to achieve but it is amazing to this how far it has come so far.
I hope you enjoyed our before and after photos of our forever home. Follow along as we make more changes and create our perfect family house.

So much love,
Georg xx



  • Your home is so beautiful, love seeing the updates. Totally obsessed with your floors – any chance I can get the details please xx

    Renee on
  • Wow! What a transformation! I love what you have done to the house, it looks amazing xx

    Julia on
  • Gorgeous home, love the styling. Do you have a photo of the entrance where you’ve added in the boxes for shoes, bag hooks etc? Saw it on your insta stories but can’t find a photo!

    Gemma on
  • Looks amazing, love what you’ve done with the outside of the house and the raised ceilings! If you don’t mind me asking, approximately how much has the reno set you back? Has it turned out to be more or less than you thought? If that’s too personal, I understand. My Fiancé and I can’t decide whether we should build or reno our first home. It’s all so new to us!

    Britt on
  • Brb just taking my dream house off you! Incredible work! Beautiful style & interior design, it’s very obvious a whole lot of patience and care has been put into this; great job! x

    Kaitlin on

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