Perception vs Reality – “Dream Home”

Perception vs Reality – “Dream Home”

Ill never forget the first day we walked though our dream home. It was a bomb, rubbish everywhere, missing cupboard doors, stained carpet and not to mention every wall was a different colour. As we made our way through the dilapidated “crap shack” we walked into the backyard and it was like we forgot what we just witnessed inside. We saw nothing but open space - half an acre of green grass, fresh air and we instantly looked at one another and knew we were home.
That day we made an offer and by the following morning we were owners of our “dream home”.

We had bought a house before but this one was different. Even though it was a mess we saw the potential of what it was to become. This house held everything we wanted our future to be - to raise a big family where our children could make life- long memories. A place they could climb trees, get grazed knees and their hands dirty. My husband and I were both raised with the love of outdoors and adventure and it is something we want our children to experience despite the generational influences of modern technology.

A few weeks later after the contracts were signed and we were due to move in, my husband (boyfriend at the time) said, “Let’s go take a photo with a sold sign.”
It was in this very moment he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He wanted it to be the first memory we made in our forever home. I can remember this day like it was yesterday but I am so grateful he captured it on camera.

Soon our life became all about the wedding. We both didn't want a long engagement and a week after the proposal we had sent out our save the dates for our wedding which was booked for 5 months time. We agreed to spend the next few months enjoying the lead up to our big day and we would start the house in the New Year. The obvious conversation that also comes when planning your wedding is children - this was something we were both so excited about. We decided that with my fiancés FIFO work roster it could be quite challenging, as we all know timing is everything. 3 months before the wedding we decided not-not to try for a baby and 3 weeks later I became a wee-on-a-stick-aholic. I couldn’t believe it!! WE WERE PREGNANT!

We got married, I made it through the first trimester (phew) and with the expecting bundle we knew our house was no place to bring a baby into. Impulsively we began to knock down walls and rip up tiles with the plan of having our dream house finished by the time Winslow was due. We were in talks with a builder but after a few months had gone by and I was waddling around a half gutted house about to pop, things with the builder fell through. Big, BIG learning curve, many tears and an unfinished house.

Cue corny saying “Everything happens for a reason.” Despite the fact that we bought our baby girl home to a half renovated house where the pantry was in a plastic tub on our concrete floor, the fridge was in our lounge room, and half the house had no ceiling, this little hiccup gave us time to step back, rethink our design and what we really wanted for our home. With all the late night breast-feeding sessions I had plenty of time to research what I wanted our dream home to be, look like and feel like as you walk through our front door. “I don’t want it to be a standard home. I want it to have character, soul and to be effortlessly timeless.” It was then we were introduced to our new builder @immackulatehomes who has made all our visions come to life. Our "renovation" plans soon turned into knocking down the house with the exception of a few external walls and the slab.

Now here we are, Winslow is one year old and our house is still not finished. This is far from what I wanted my reality to be and SO far from what I thought our first year of parenthood would be like but sometimes that is the beauty of this life - the unexpected, the unplanned and the out-of-your-control-life-session-situations. Although it has come with frustration, house hopping and its many challenges our dream home is scheduled to be finished by October 2016. Storing away our impulsive and impatient behavior we are grateful that over the 2-year period we will finally be getting our “dream home” and I am excited to share with you our beginning, middle and of course the end!