Renovating With a Baby/Toddler

Renovating With a Baby/Toddler

If you have read our previous blog, Perception vs Reality you’d know the timeline of our renovations and having a baby didn’t exactly go to plan. There is a running joke within our family that whenever someone asks, “When will the house be finished?” the reply is always “it will be finished by baby number two!”

Apart from the obvious physical challenges that come with renovating with a baby/toddler such as the constant dust, sharp edges, rough surfaces, the little bits of chipped tile or screws laying around that somehow make their way into their mouths, no one told me about the emotional challenges I was going to face.

We all have heard about the “nesting” phase you go through right before you go into labor. The woman’s body is amazing and it’s our bodies naturally preparing for the arrival of our most prized possession. Well when I was going through this stage, I had no nest to nest. In my very hormonal pregnant mind our house was in no way shape or form an environment I felt comfortable to bring my first born home too. No matter how many times I scrubbed the skirting boards with the toothbrush, the next day they would be dirty and dusty again.

Since Winslow was born, we have never felt like we have had a “home”. Of course we have physically had a house but like I said, I’m talking the emotional side. We have felt unsettled, unattached and a sense of disconnect - nowhere to plant our roots. Each time we moved we had to find our groove, as a mum, as a family and I didn’t realise how hard it would be for Winslow to adapt. You can’t exactly explain to a 1 year old that tomorrow we are packing up our house and moving to a new one. In saying that, we are obviously so grateful that we have had places to live while we have been in house-limbo-land.

As I’ve shared with you previously in an Instagram post, packing Winslow’s nursery up and moving out of our home to begin our build was tougher than I thought.

We have all heard it before; no one can prepare you for being a mother (or a father). You want to hang onto each little thing your child achieves. The first smile, the first choo, each of these things holds a place in your heart that even if you wanted, you could never forget. Crawling, first tooth, first words (“Dada and Mama”), first birthday and even taking her first steps. These where all milestones I wanted her to do in our home. A place in which we could remember forever but instead has been in these "temporary situations". I know this is coming from me, the emotional mama and many people have said “she won’t remember” but I will.

So there you have it; the roller coaster of emotions that comes with being a first time parent and building your dream house. Would I recommend it? Probably not. Would I change it if I could? Yeah probably. Would I do it again? Well, we kind of are #facepalm but my goodness it has made us stronger, given us multiple laughing fits and many experiences I will add to my ever-growing Mother's Book of WTF moments.

Photo Credit - Frame It Photography