Social Media Break

Some of you have noticed our mysterious disappearance and some are just wondering if we have dropped off the face of the earth. To those of you who have contacted us with your concerns and “we miss you” I just like to say, thank you so much. It warms my heart to know so many of you care.

The biggest questions I have had people asking me are, “What’s going on, are you okay?” and “Are you coming back or are you closing business?”
I am not going to go into the dramatic, in-depth story of all the things that have happened in the last month because at the end of the day, we are all happy, healthy and I hate focusing on the negatives. BUT, what I am going to share with you is what I have learnt in the time that I have had off social media.

To quickly sum up those questions:
Yes, we are all okay now. We did have a few breath-holding moments and lots of doctor’s visits and tests with Winslow being sick. She is back to her happy, cheeky self and we couldn’t be more thankful.
No, we are not closing our business; in fact it’s the complete opposite….

Since I started this IG business a little over a year ago, I have shared most moments with you, secrets, my soul and I have embraced every minute of it. But recently I had one of those “Ohhhhh, the universe is trying to tell me something” epiphanies. Over the past year I have spent in the fast paced lane, taking everything in my stride, good or bad, never stopping and never giving up. Between trying to balance my worlds of Fifo-wife, full-time-mummy and apparently full-time-business, it dawned on me… “Am I missing the moments?” I know I was there, but was I truly there – present, feeling all the electricity that those little moments should feel as they flood your body. Am I too busy? Well that’s when the universe stepped in. Throwing me a handful of unexpected situations. Situations out of my control, situations that pretty much screamed “SLOW THE F DOWN, GEORG!!”  

Although this realisation came at the cost of a series of unfortunate events, I am glad it happened because I didn’t see how bad I was. I think my husband felt it the most. Instead of enjoying the rare moment of quiet we would have just sit on the couch together, I’d see that as a perfect opportunity to check my phone, reply to emails, or just scroll my feed. I was always doing something; by choice, yes but also because the demand of my business became so high that every minute I wasn’t being a mum, I was working.

If I am being completely honest with you, I was scared about getting back onto social media. Want if I go back to my old ways? Well I have introduced a few changes into our routine to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Obviously, social media and my phone are a big part of my life because it runs my business but that certainly doesn’t mean it needs to rule it.

3 changes I have made:
  1. Not allowed to look at my phone 30 minutes after I wake up and before I go to sleep unless it is to say good-morning/goodnight to my husband when he is away.
  2. Schedule time. Running an online business you obviously have social media obligations. I have scheduled time in my day to ensure they get done but not at the jeopardy of quality family/couple time.
  3. Be more organised. I have researched and invested into apps/software that can help with my business. Planning my month ahead takes pressure off me and gives me more time for the little moments in life. 
I must admit the first few weeks were hard. Every fiber of my exhausted being was with Winslow and making sure she had everything she needed but my mind was drifting off to “I wonder what is going on in the world of Instagram?” I was worried I was missing out on things. I didn’t realise that I naturally held my phone everywhere I went and it wasn’t until a few weeks passed by that I started to forget my phone when leaving the house. Instead to taking photos I was there, living it, seeing it through my eyes, not a camera lens. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking photos of all those precious moments and I will continue to do so, but it was nice not to feel like I had to for social media.

We closed up shop (temporarily, don’t worry) we put our phones away and we were present. We reconnected as a family, the small moments became the big moments and we have a new scene of life.
So this is me, the slowed down version. We may not be ready to open up shop just yet but we are totally excited about catching up on all the things we missed out on while taking a social media break. So please excuse me while I go stalk all my fav inst-businesses and mummy-bloggers.



  • Alvin Barthol

    Whereas many public stories of social media vacations for individuals end in the person leaving a social network altogether, brands are more likely to hold on to their accounts and simply update less frequently.

  • Kristal

    Good to hear Winslow is ok!** xx

  • Kristal

    Absolutely agree with you 100% and have been feeling somewhat the same about my life. Love your honesty Georgia! Good to hear Winslow is ok?? xx

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