Winslow & Pascal's Joint Room Reveal

Winslow & Pascal's Joint Room Reveal

For as long as I can remember, I dreamed of my children sharing a bedroom. I get asked "why?" often! I think with our announcement of Baby 3, people just assume we don't have enough bedrooms for our fast-growing family. The truth is, we have plenty of rooms but we choose to have our children share their bedroom.

I hope one day (in the near future) we will have bunk beds and a bed in the same room with all 3 of our outer heart beats sharing a room. 

There is something so beautiful in watching your children learn each others boundaries. What they like, and don't like. Watching their bond develop as they learn to share a space and understand the difference between yours, mine, ours.

I get an overwhelming feeling of love as a kiss my babies goodnight knowing they fall asleep next to one another and they are the first person they see as they wake up every morning. Nothing can replace the early giggles that echos from their room - its the best way to start the day (for all of us).

When planning and designing this room, the first challenge I faced was purely having a girl and boy. Although it was for 2 genders, I still wanted the room to feel like 1 complete room. I also wanted to make sure this room felt like a toddlers room with things my children love.

The hardest part with designing and styling a boys room is you are put into a box of things you can and can't do. Example: natural and neutral tones, monochrome, woodlands, grey chevron, superheros. People are scared to make a boys room beautiful in fear it will look too girly - but I say SCREW IT! Why can't a boys room feel magical and enchanting?

I found the Cole & Sons wallpaper and instantly fell in love. I adored how there was a mix of girl and boy colours in it and knew I'd pull the girl colours out on Winslow's side and could play around with a boy colours on Pascal's.

I find working with a theme is so much fun, but it also helps with your direction when choosing product. The theme I chose was "Soft Circus" knowing my children adore animals, colour and a sense of magic.

With the room being their place of sleep as we have a toy room, I was mindful of how this room would "feel". I wanted to keep the space feeling calm and soothing rather than overwhelming and stimulating. Every person who has walked into their room has said "it has such a calm feel" #jobdone

As for design and styling Winslow and Pascal's room, I had the approach of "less is more". You don't need to bombard a room with stuff in order to achieve a WOW factor. I carefully selected brands and products that suited our theme.