About Georg

“You can have it all!”

Georg, the founder of @winniedot, began her journey in the wee hours of the morning all thanks to pregnancy insomnia. Her product ideas have always stemmed from what she wanted to see in her daughter’s nursery.

She started her business with little knowledge about social media but documented the do’s and don’ts along the way.

Her dream was to create a small Instagram business to make a little bit of money so she could stay home and be a full time mum. Very quickly, her dream came true and became a fast growing full-time operation.

She faced many challenges that came with being a first time mama, having a new business, and not to mention being a FIFO wife.

Juggling these three roles became a skill she wanted to master. She knew that with a balanced routine and organisation skills she did not have to compromise one for the other.

Georg has big plans for Winnie Dot, "never stop dreaming, setting goals and achieving them," she says. She believes that is what drives your soul and gets you out of bed in the morning.

“Remember, there are little eyes watching you at all times and I want to be the role model for Winslow, Pascal and our future children."

Her vision for Winnie Dot isn't going to happen over night; in fact it's taking a lot of time, planning and preparation but Georg says "a dream is a dream until you make it your reality. With hard work, dedication and determination you can have anything you put your mind to."  

Georg is the biggest believer that any woman who has the dream of being a stay-at-home mum while running a successful online business AND living a healthy lifestyle can do so with the help of a few simple guidelines.

Join her on her journey juggling motherhood, wife-life and building her business.

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